Important Tips for Choosing Your First Motorhome

Purchasing your first RV is a huge step into a new lifestyle and, for many, it can be a daunting first step. With so many options, it’s important to consider a few tips to make sure you’re not only making the right purchase for your wallet but, most importantly, for your happiness.

class c motorhome

Travel Plans

Are you planning on short, frequent weekend trips within your state? Or long-haul, cross-country trips? The answer to this is the difference between choosing a pop-up trailer that’s going to get you on the road fast and a larger Class A motorhome that has all the amenities of home. Factoring in whether you’re looking to set up camp for a day or two or stay hitched up for a few weeks will also help you determine what type of RV is best for you. In my own personal experience, there was nothing more fun than driving up the Eastern Seaboard in a Class C, but it was kind of a pain every time I realized I needed something from the store and had to get unhooked from the campsite just for a gallon of milk.


Make yourself a list of absolute can’t-live-without features and compare it with your travel partner. Take into consideration comforts such as air conditioning and flushable toilets when making this list. “Roughing it” means something different to everyone and you don’t want to end up with an RV that doesn’t provide you the comforts you want while traveling. It’s just going to strip the fun from your trip.


This one is pretty obvious, but it’s the most important factor. While you may fall in love with the huge Class A packed with features, consider your travel costs too. How much gas will you have to put in it? How much will insurance cost? Don’t get distracted by the features and lose track of the best part of RVing, actually getting out on the road.

If you’re in the market for your first RV, or even still just daydreaming about the road ahead, visit one of our two locations and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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