Incredible New Jersey Roadside Restaurants

roadside diner

One of the perks of traveling in New Jersey is that we have a wide array of incredible roadside restaurants. These restaurants have delicious food, quirky atmospheres, and are priced fairly. They’re everything you need to eat well and fulfill your road trip. Plus, they make for great conversation starters when you’re telling your friends about all the neat sights you saw while traveling.

Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina Restaurant is located in Englishtown, New Jersey. This well known restaurant offers a fun, southwest inspired interior along with delicious Mexican cuisine. Most meals are under $20. Their braised beef brisket is something you will want to get extra of to take on the road. Other favorites include burritos stuffed to the brim with all of your favorite fixings, crisp popcorn shrimp appetizer, and Corona battered cod straight from Massachusetts.

The Roadside Diner offers cut-to-the-chase home cooked meals that will impress even the pickiest eater. One of New Jersey’s oldest diners, you will love everything you try here. It was delivered to its original wall spot in the 40’s and plays oldies, boasts original stools and even includes a sliding train door! In addition to the unique atmosphere you’ll love the variety of American classics that can be enjoyed here, including huge omelets and sky high pancake stacks.

Another favorite in New Jersey is Woody’s Roadside Tavern. Aside from great food and drinks you can enjoy outdoor seating in the summer and open mic comedy nights on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. They brag that “you’ll never leave us” and they’re probably right. Park you RV for the night and enjoy a few drinks before catching some Z’s and hitting the road in the morning. Woody’s is most well known for their drinks however, you can get delicious standard “bar food” here that will satisfy a hankering for a good burner. The serving sizes are also quite large.

Photo Credit: By Intel Free Press [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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