Product Review: Keystone Premier, Quality With You In Mind

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Dependability is a quality that is highly sought after in our industry. RVs are used and abused and we expect them to last forever. Well, as anyone who has ever owned an RV can tell you, your RV has to be well-built for it to handle years of being used for vacations and getaways. Some of the highest quality RVs out on the market are coming fromĀ Keystone RV. Their Premier line is built to last. With their numerous floor-plans and standard features and optional packages, you would have a hard time not finding what you’re looking for.


Vaulted Ceilings

With their 6’11” vaulted ceilings, you definitely won’t feel like you’re in an RV. You’ll have plenty of headroom and not feel like you have to duck down to walk around inside. Most ceiling in RVs hover around 6’5″ so this give you a full 6 inches of space and comfort! Come by and check one out and you’ll notice a difference as soon as you step inside.

Quality Construction

With thoughtful design in mind, Keystone never cuts corners that would affect the quality of their RVs. Aluminum front, side and end walls, a 2″ thick, laminated floor, R-11 insulation in the floor and roof, laminated fiberglass in side walls, and a one-piece seamless rubber roof are just a few of the quality building construction parameters they’ve implemented.

Bedroom Comfort

Let’s face it, if we don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep in, our quality of life plummets. That applies even when we’re out on vacation. Keystone has made it a point to provide a comfy bed and spacious bedroom so you can rest and relax after a long day out on the lake. Memory foam mattresses, mirrored wardrobes, underbed storage, and individual reading lights are all designed with your comfort in mind.

Outdoor Features

When I’m out on a campsite, I like being outside. I didn’t come all this way to stay inside! good thing the Premier has an outdoor kitchen area so I can cook my steaks on the grill without having to walk inside back and forth, tracking dirt, just to cook my dinner. There’s even a refrigerator out there so I can have everything I need within an arm’s reach. Coupled with the outdoor speakers, I don’t know that I’d need to go inside all day!

Cold-Weather Warrior

If you love traveling during the colder months, you’ll be glad to know that Keystone has a cold-weather package with you in mind. A 2″ pipe off of the furnace to the underbelly keep your RV toasty warm, even when it’s frigid outside. Plus, a 30K BTU furnace with residential style ducts makes sure it stays as warm as you like it .

Come by and check out our stock of Keystone Premier RVs, we’re sure you’ll want to take one home!

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