Kropf Park Models: Your Home Away From Home

Image Courtesy of Kropf Industries

It’s a dream for most of us, something we’re working and saving money to put towards. That’s purchasing a park model RV and spending a few months away from home. There’s nothing like having the ability to lock up your home, maybe to escape the coming cold or heat, and have a second home located wherever you decided to park. I don’t know about you, but I dream of buying myself a park model RV and setting up camp in the mountains somewhere. With park RVs, they’re build on a trailer chassis, but are generally used as a destination, such as a cottage, vacation or retirement home. With that in mind, the manufacturers of park model RVs make every effort to pack all of the comforts of home within them to make sure that there is nothing you can do in a typical home that you can’t in a park Model. Kropf Industries specializes in manufacturing these park model RVs and is one of the leaders in quality and affordability.

Park Models are built on the idea that you will be living in it full time for at least part of the year. With that idea in mind, they’ve made a product that meets or exceeds the standards of the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association). After all, if you’re going to be spending weeks or months in it, it should be of the highest quality.

Floorplan Choices

When you’ve made the choice to invest in a retirement or vacation home, you don’t want to be handcuffed with few choices for your new home’s layout. Maybe you want 2 lofts, maybe you want a bigger kitchen or a kitchen island for entertaining guests. Whatever demands you have for your new home, rest assured, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of their floorplans. There are over 50 to choose from!

Wide Open Spaces

With the idea of long-term residency, Kropf has made it a point to make their RVs as spacious as possible. Everyone who has an RV can attest to needing more space after a few trips with the kids. Kropf Park Model RVs are designed to allow the kids and guests to have their own areas where they can unwind and sleep. By installing a loft area on top of the private bedrooms, you eliminate the need for more sleeping areas throughout the RV. That means more space for seating, furniture and full size appliances to make you feel more at home.

Wonderful Views

The Kropf Park Model RVs are built with the idea that you’re going to want to see the views outside, otherwise you wouldn’t have set up shop there. With that in mind, they’ve installed large windows on many of their floorplans so you can appreciate the lake, forest or mountain views just outside of your RV.

After you’ve mulled over the finances and realized that purchasing a Park Model is more affordable that you thought, take a look at the Kropf Park RV models we have on-site and come by for a tour. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then we can help you get the one you want. Call us today and let us help you find your dream home.

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