Our New Product Line: The Sylvansport GO Easy

Did you know that we have a new product line called the SylvanSport GO Easy? Well trust us, this towable RV is not like anything you have seen yet! It is called an Adventure Utility Trailer and has been dubbed “the Swiss Army knife of campers.” Let’s take a look at this amazing camper!

SylvanSport GO Easy Utility Trailer
Check out the amazing SylvanSport GO Easy Utility Trailer!

Due to its innovative design, the GO Easy can be used as for camping and transporting gear. It is aerodynamically built to increase the efficiency as well as making it easier to tow. Plus, at a top weight of just 305 lbs, it can be towed by any car, including hybrids, and even motorcycles!

SylvanSport GO Easy Utility Trailer
The lightweight and aerodynamic design allow it to be towed by any car including motorcycles.

Because of its many hauling capabilities, this RV has been called a roof rack on wheels. Features like the perfect loading and unloading height, integrated tie-down points, and side rails to protect gear on the deck give it more versatility on the types of things it can haul.

SylvanSport GO Easy Utility Trailer
Bring along your outdoor toys with the innovative design.

With this SylvanSport, you can bring along your bikes, canoes, surfboards, and even load up an ATV or dirt bike. Plus, located at the front of the trailer, you will find an extra weatherproof front storage pod to give you places to store those loose belongings like camping lights or hiking gear.

SylvanSport GO Easy Utility Trailer Interior
Fit 2 people comfortably in the Roost Explorer!

For spending nights out, the GO Easy has the Roost Explorer available. This two person camping pod will fold out to make a space for you to sleep, and then it folds up into an easy-to-transport piece of the trailer.

The SylvanSport GO Easy Utility trailer is truly one of the most unique RVs on the market, and by taking up only eight square feet, storing it at home will be a breeze. Contact us today to find out all about this new product line, or just stop on by our location and see everything it can do for yourself.

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