Review Of Top 5 Travel Apps For RVing

When you travel you make sure to pack it all.  The clothes, the toys, the food and the drinks, even the favorite blanket or stuffed animal.  And of course, you have your cell phone. (And your new camper from Hitch RV!) You need your phone to stay connected and for those helpful apps to help you find food, gas, directions or even a place to park your camper.  Here is a review of the top 5 travel apps that we think will make your trip a memorable one.

#1 Google Maps

The vacation isn’t a vacation unless you can get where you are going.  Google Maps is the best navigation to plan out your trip and find shops and restaurants for the much needed breaks from the road.  The best part of Google Maps is that it will alert you of traffic mishaps and construction so you can get where you are going without too many “Are We There Yet?” conversations.

Google Map Icon
This app will help your travel time and planning.

#2  GasBuddy

You are not going to get where you need to be without the most essential item on a road trip – gas.  This app will help you find gas stations nearby (all you need to do is enter the city or zip code) and will also show you prices so you can get the best deal.  Since GasBuddy relies on user input to keep their systems up to date, they also offer incentives for information.  Bonus!

Use this app to save on fuel!

#3  Roadtrippers

This app will keep everyone busy!  It uses your location and gives you a list of fun things to do nearby.  Places are organized into categories so you can find anything you are looking to do.  There are even details about destinations such as photos and reviews for you to check out.

Find all of the fun things to do nearby!

#4  Oh, Ranger! Park Finder

When it’s time to stop, what better place than a park?  You can enjoy the scenery, hike and have a good lunch before you get back on the road.  The app allows you to search for local, federal and state parks.  There is info about each park and will even recommend some activities to enjoy.

Oh Ranger
Get this app and find some beautiful parks on the way.

#5  Sanidumps RV Dump Station Locator

Not all aspect of your trip is going to be easy and sometimes you just need to take care of business.  When it’s time to empty the waste tanks, the Sanidumps app will direct you to the nearest dump station.  All you need to do is search by GPS or city/zip and the sites will appear of Google Maps.

Not fun, but a necessity.

Whether you have an Android or an Apple you can find these top five travel apps that will help you enjoy your trip and make finding things just a little bit easier.  Remember to visit Hitch RV to make sure your camper is in tip top shape before you leave.  Contact us if you would like to explore the idea of a new camper for your next trip.  Our team is happy to help you with any questions.

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