RV Tips: 5 Cold-Weather Musts from A Full-Time RVer

Are you looking for tips on how to deal with unexpected cold spells during your camping trips? My name is Kate; I’m a full-time RVer that learned first-hand how to deal with below-freezing temperatures while living in an RV this year. Check out my five best RV tips for cold weather camping.

RV in Snow

A Brief Introduction

As mentioned, I’m a full-time RVer.  I live in a Forest River Sabre 36BHQ fifth wheel similar to this Forest River Sandpiper C-Class 3660MB fifth wheel from Hitch RV.  I live in this RV with my husband, 19-month-old son, and our golden retriever.  We are currently parked in western Kentucky, near Kentucky Lake.  Over the past three weeks, we’ve had unexpectedly low temperatures reaching as low as -3 degrees overnight and around a foot of snow.  Here’s how we handled the extreme temperatures.

1. Add Window Insulation

We knew that the winters here would be a bit colder than our fifth wheel could handle unassisted.  So we chose to insulate our windows with heat-sealing plastic.  You can find this on Amazon or at Walmart for pretty cheap, and it’s easy to install.  Additionally, it is entirely removable and leaves no damage or residue once you’re ready to open those windows in the spring.

2. Foil Insulation & Rugs

Another temporary insulation that we’ve used throughout the RV is the Reflectix foil insulation.  This is a common insulation used by RVers because it is relatively flat and can be used in windows, under your bed, on the floors, and in cabinets.  We also covered all of our floors with rugs, towels, and blankets to help keep the heat inside.

gray slippers on rug


3. Get a Heated Water Hose

I cannot stress this one enough, even if you are staying in a place that shouldn’t reach freezing temperatures, invest in a heated water hose. This hose kept our water system from freezing when the temperatures were below 0.  We did have to leave the water dripping overnight, but it was vital in keeping our water system working during the cold weather.

If you do not have a heated water hose and you know freezing temperatures are coming, winterize your RV.  Talk to your RV dealer about how to properly winterize by contacting us today. 

4. Use Heaters

Our fifth wheel came with a fireplace, which is what we use most often for our heat. We didn’t use the propane furnace during the cold spell because we needed the propane for cooking meals. However, we did need to supplement our fireplace heat with oil radiator heaters in the back bedroom and bunkhouse. Along with the fireplace, the two heaters kept our RV at toasty 67 degrees when the outside temperature was below freezing. I recommend these types of heaters because they are silent and safe to run.


5. RV Skirts

Lastly, invest in an RV skirt. You can talk to your RV dealer about which pre-made skirts will fit your RV, or you can make your own. We used a double layer of thick insulation plastic to skirt our fifth wheel, but it was a pain to put up and store. If you are looking for a simple solution, try to find a ready-made skirt that velcros onto your underbelly.

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