Towing Capacity: Search for Your Ideal RV Weight

When considering any of our new RVs for sale, a soon-to-be buyer should look for the ideal towing capacity that will fit their vehicle. With so many different options out there, people everywhere are wanting to know what RV they can tow with their own vehicle without buying a one ton truck, and with the helpful navigation on our site, it’s never been faster or easier!


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In addition to weight, you can shop for any of these specific features we have on the left!


More and more, our ultra lite travel trailers are becoming super popular because they can be towed by the widest range of vehicles. The Forest River Wildwood X-Lites for sale are easily towed by various SUVs (yes, you heard me- SUVs). These RVs are the perfect travel companion for an adventurous couple, or a family of three, and now you’re able to find them easily on our site with our “Weight” button option.


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If you’re not looking for an extremely lightweight RV, we’ve got many other options ranging anywhere from 5500 to 14000 lbs. The New 2018 Palomino Columbus and Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen are both amazing fifth wheels that we’ve brought in brand new, so make sure to look under our 11,000 to 14,000 lbs to find these awesome options.

Columbus by Palomino
This 2018 Palomino Columbus RV is the perfect fifth wheel for your truck to pull!


Whatever kind of RV that you’re shopping for, we’ve got the easiest way to find exactly what you want. It only takes one click of the button and you’re on your way to a new journey in your life.  If you still have questions about what you can tow, be sure to check out our Tow Guides from Trailer Life magazine. If you’re having trouble or have any questions about our website features or new RVs for sale, please contact us and we’ll get back to you with an email or call. We value our customers and we want the best experience for them–– online, or in person. So check us out and play around with the RV feature list, because of course, even RV shopping can be fun!

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