Tips For A Successful Holiday Vacation

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With July 4th right around the corner, you’d better be planning your getaway. RVing on holidays can be stressful. Because it’s a national holiday, you’ll have more campers out at the campsite than normal. If you haven’t already made your reservation, you might want to stop reading this article and call your destination RV park. RVing is one of America’s past-times and what better way to celebrate than to grab some friends and family and head out to the lake? Here are a few things I could think of to help you beat the rush and enjoy your holiday weekend, the way it’s supposed to be: without any stress.

1. Head to the grocery store early

We all know that people shop for their holidays at the last minute. That means the grocery stores are packed to the gills on the days leading up to the holiday itself. Avoid any time wasted by getting a list of the foods, beverages and other items you may need well in advance so you can get to the store and get out of there before the rush of people hits.

2. Bring plenty of portable chairs

The fold-up chairs you can find in your local hardware store are perfect for slinging over your shoulder and hiking to a spot where you can catch the 4th of July fireworks. After all, who wants to miss the fireworks? That’s my favorite part about the 4th!

3. Be careful when barbecuing

With an influx of RVers out on the site, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your grill during and after cooking your steaks, hamburgers, or chicken dinners. With the warm Summer temperatures, a fire could very easily start from an ember that gets blown away by the wind. Keep your eyes peeled for any smoke and always keep a water hose nearby just in case you lose control of your fire. The same goes for night time bonfires. Safety first!

4. Take plenty of outdoor activities

Who knew that a Frisbee would be so much fun? Keeping the boredom level low and everyone happy is a great way to make sure your holiday RV escapades are a success. Frisbees, floats, swimming, badminton, and volleyball are all great ways to have fun in the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen while you’re out there, though!

5. Remember the reason for the holiday

Independence Day is a celebration of our country, so don’t forget to enjoy the freedoms we have. Show your flag proudly outside of your RV and let everyone know that you’re here to celebrate by having some fun, lounging in the lake, enjoying the fireworks, eating some barbecue and spending time with your loved ones.

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