Top 3 Reasons the Forest River Arctic Wolf is the Perfect Fifth Wheel

The Forest River Arctic Wolf has long been seen as the perfect fifth wheel. There are many reasons why this title is appropriate, but let’s look at the top three reasons why so many people think so highly of this RV.

Forest River Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel
Check out the amazing Forest River Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel!
  1. Lightweight: The Arctic Wolf fifth wheel is located in the lightweight class which means it will weight much less than many other RVs. This lightweight design will be more easily towed by a smaller vehicle such as a ½ ton truck. Not only will the size be more manageable, but it will also be easier on your truck’s engine as well as increase the gas mileage you get.

    Forest River Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel Interior
    Get incredible amenities in a lightweight and easy to afford package.
  2. Luxurious Amenities: No matter where you look on this Forest River model you are sure to find features and amenities that add luxury and comfort. From the seamless countertops and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen to the Comfort Power Master queen bed lift system in the master bedroom, every piece of the interior will amaze and be made of the highest quality.

    Forest River Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel Master
    The bed lift will make the perfectly comfortable master.
  3. Low Price Point: With so many incredible amenities, a spacious floorplan, and the lightweight design, you might assume that this fifth wheel would be too expensive to afford. However, with an entry-level price point of under $30,000, you can get all of the great features that come with the Arctic Wolf without breaking the bank.

If you are ready to get an RV with everything you could possibly want for a price you are sure to afford, then contact us today to find out what you can do to drive home with a Forest River Arctic Wolf fifth wheel! You can only find these RVs at our Turnersville location, so be sure to stop by to take a tour of this wonderful lightweight, luxurious fifth wheel.

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