Top RV Vacation Destination: Yellowstone National Park

If you’re planning your 2019 summer vacation in your new or used RV from Hitch, put Yellowstone National Park at the top of your list. This top RV vacation destination will be one of your most memorable vacations ever, and your family will enjoy the memories for years to come!

Something for Everyone

Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872, is the first national park in the history of the United States and has provided beauty, awe, and wonder to its visitors for more than a hundred years. It is renowned for its geothermal features and abundant wildlife. Once in the park, you’ll find many of the popular attractions to be free in admission, so this is an ideal location to enjoy the sights at a leisurely and unhurried pace.

Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park

Arguably the most famous geyser in the world, Old Faithful continues to delight and amaze its visitors with its steady and impressive eruptions every half hour to two hours.

Morning Glory Pool

Yellowstone National Park

A stop at Old Faithful won’t be complete without visiting the nearby Morning Glory Pool, a beautiful hot spring within a short distance of Old Faithful. It is named for its likeness to the flower of the same name, and its vibrant shades of blue and green will have you taking dozens of photos!

The Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone National Park

The third largest hot spring worldwide and largest hot spring in the United States, you and your entire family will be mesmerized by the striking beauty and colors of red, yellow, green, and blue of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. This hot spring can be enjoyed from several angles, views, hikes, and photo opportunities in the immediate vicinity.

Abundant Wildlife

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is known for its wealth of wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled and camera ready. Enjoy the views you’ll likely see of moose, elk, bison, and even bears, but for your own enjoyment and the safety of everyone involved, don’t interfere with the wildlife. Appreciate only from a safe distance.

Yellowstone National Park

An RV Vacationer’s Dream

With so much to see and do in Yellowstone National Park, how friendly is it to oversized vehicles and RVs? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the many camping options available, so take advantage of finding a campground suitable to your needs through an internet search or Yellowstone’s website. If you prefer to park your RV and return to it only in the evening, you’ll love the tour bus options available throughout the park. Or enjoy a more central location to your hiking or biking plans and return to your RV throughout the day.

Whether you drive a motor home or pull a fifth wheel RV or travel trailer, you’ll find that Yellowstone National Park will be a favorite and top RV vacation destination. It’s friendly to its visitors and ready to be not only the first national park in the United States, but first in your heart as a destination of beauty, memories, and your favorite vacation spot. What are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation to this geothermal destination in your new or used RV today!

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