Travel Destination: Mammoth Cave National Park

Feel looking for an excellent place to take your family on your next vacation and head to Kentucky to an incredible cave system renowned worldwide for its size. Mammoth Cave National Park is the longest-known cave system in the world, and it is definitely worth visiting with your family. You’ll love walking through the deep and winding tunnels or spending your days exploring the local landscapes. Learn more about this travel destination below.

Mammoth cave entrance

About Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is full of lush landscapes and rich animal and plant life. Visiting Mammoth Cave during the spring is an excellent way to see all the beautiful flowers in bloom and spend your time above ground before the weather gets too hot and the coolness of the caves becomes all the more inviting. The springtime in Kentucky is also known for being the rainy season which means the local creeks and streams are overflowing, and you’re more likely to find waterfalls on your hikes through the park.

Things to do Around Mammoth Cave National Park

One of the most popular things to do while visiting Mammoth Cave National Park is traversing the caves on one of the many cave tours. There are tons of incredible caverns and chambers in the mammoth cave system that are worth the long hike. One of our favorite things about Mammoth Cave National Park is that they are very inclusive in their cave tours, many of which are fully accessible with a wheelchair and offer long and short walking tours, lantern tours, and even some crawling tours for the more adventurous.

Mammoth cave system

RV Camping Around Mammoth Cave National Park

Camping around Mammoth Cave National Park is easy, especially if you book beforehand. Mammoth Cave Campground is perfect for easy access to the park, or you can look into group campgrounds like Maple Springs Group Campground and other well-known locations in the area.

Recommended Campgrounds:

  • Maple Springs Group Campground
  • Mammoth Cave Campground
  • Turnhole Bend Campground
  • Jellystone Park at Mammoth Cave

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