V-Cross Vibe: Perfect For Your Weekend Getaways

vcross vibe

RVing is a luxury. We may take it for granted ever so often, but when you really think about it, having the ability to hitch up to a house on wheels and travel to anywhere that’s accessible by car is one of the great indicators of what freedom really is. We can take off work on a Friday and head to the lake for some rest and relaxation by the water, spend our time fishing or just enjoy the time with our families. That’s why we RV. One RV out on the market that makes it easy for just about anyone with a tow hitch to pull an RV is the V-Cross Vibe. It’s a lightweight, compact and fuel-friendly unit that you can tote anywhere you heart desires, without costing you too much in fuel expenses. Here’s a closer look at what it has to offer.


The hallmark of the V-Cross Vibe is the V-shaped front cap that does 2 things. Number one: it provides extra space inside the cabin. With a V shape you get an extra 75 square feet and more room to fill your RV with the necessities. Number two: it’s design helps the RV cut through the air with less wind resistance, meaning your fuel bill will be less that if you were pulling a conventional RV with a flat front cap. Not only do they take into account the wind resistance, but they also focused on making them as light as possible! By using aluminum cages and fiberglass walls and roofs, they’ve minimized the weight of the unit, meaning just about anyone with a minivan or small SUV can pull it safely. There’s not a whole lot of RV manufacturers out there that can claim that!

Layout Choices

Take your pick as to which one will be your next RV! With 12 floor plans to choose from (2 fifth-wheel and 10 travel trailers), you’ve got a long list of layout options that will suit your needs perfectly. Whether it be dual entry or dual slide-out (or both!), there’s a perfect match for what you and your family need to make your RVing vacation the best it can possibly be. With overall lengths ranging from 20 feet 4 inches to 33 feet 6 inches, the right RV for the amount of people you plan on traveling with is out there, you just have to step inside one and see for yourself!


The V-Cross Vibe may be lightweight, but they aren’t lightweight in the features department. Each model contains glazed cognac maple cabinets, decorative window treatments, a Serta mattress, and a full bathroom with a separate neo-angled shower to make you feel just as comfortable as you would if you were in your own home. Each model also comes with an outdoor shower, so you can keep the dirt outside and the clean inside!

We’re sure you’d love the V-Cross Vibe! Come by our headquarters and check out our inventory in-person!

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