Why Should I Buy A Class C Motorhome?

class c motorhome

Class C Motorhomes have become more and more popular with each passing year. Every year since they’ve been introduced, the number of units produced and the number of manufacturers has grown tremendously. Just about anywhere you look while you’re driving around, you’ll catch a glimpse of one. But what sets them apart from a fifth-wheel or travel trailer? What advantages does a Class C Motorhome your run-of-the-mill RV that requires a tow vehicle? Here are a few advantages to consider when making a big decision to invest in a new motorhome.

Tow Vehicle

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a new motorhome is that a tow vehicle is no longer necessary. For first-time buyers who purchase a new RV that is not a motorhome, you either have to already have or purchase a tow vehicle to tote your new investment around the country. That’s a sizeable extra payment to make every month and knowing that you have to make it can deter people from purchasing. With a class C motorhome, the tow vehicle is part of the RV, meaning you can travel anywhere without having to worry about a separate vehicle and pulling your fifth-wheel to your new vacation spot. Having an integrated tow vehicle also means it’s easier to drive and maneuver around on the campsite. New technologies and manufacturing breakthroughs have produced motorhomes with tighter turning radiuses and easy to drive vehicles.


All class C motorhome manufacturers offer all encompassing warranties that cover drivetrains, appliances, and just about any other part you can think of. With a traditional fifth-wheel or travel trailer, most manufacturers only cover anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 miles worth of travel for any problems that may arise. With some of the highest rated warranties in the industry, a motorhome can be warrantied up to 100,000 miles.

Tank Sizes

If you’re one to strike out on your own and depend on your water tank’s capacity to get you through a few days of being away from plumbing, then a class C motorhome is exactly what you need. With an oversized fresh water tanks, black water and gray water tanks, you can spend days out on your favorite overlook or lakeside site without being forced to find utilities to fill-up or lighten your load.

Towing Capacity

With a class C motorhome, you have the ability to pull a trailer that carries your toys with you wherever you go. If you love bringing your boat, motorcycle or jet-skis with you on vacation, then you’re headed in the right direction! If you want to take your toys with you on vacation with a fifth wheel or travel trailer, you have to purchase a toy hauler which limits your space inside the RV. A good percentage of motorhome owners also use the towing capacity to pull an extra-small car along with them to get around the city while their motorhome is parked at a campsite. You can’t do that with a traditional pulled RV.

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