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Financing an RV at Hitch

Hitch RV is here to help you in all of your RV financing needs. We create a one-stop shopping experience for all RV buyers. Not only can you purchase your RV from Hitch RV, but you can also get your financing as well! 

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RV Financing is very similar to financing a home.

The loans are provided by local banks like Bank of America and Bank of the West.
Hitch-RV regularly deals with seven leading lenders and will handle all the paperwork.

The RV is used as collateral for the loan.

Payments are fixed amounts over the course of the loan and include both principal and interest.
At the beginning of the loan the interest portion is larger than principal repayment portion. As you get further along on the loan the principal repayment portion increases, while the interest portion decreases.

There are no pre-payment penalties.
That means that you can pay off the entire loan or pay additional amounts at any time. Any amount paid which is above the standard payment is applied to the unpaid balance. In fact, some people make additional principal payments in order to reduce their overall interest cost.

In most cases, the interest on an RV loan is deductible for Federal and some state income tax purposes. This could reduce your interest costs by as much as 40% or more, depending on your tax bracket.
The RV must be used as collateral for the loan and it must also have "sleeping, cooking and bathroom" facilities. There are also some other requirements, which most people are able to meet.

For more information you can look at IRS Code Section 280A(f)(l) or check out the definition of a "qualified home" on page 2 of IRS Publication 936, "Home Mortgage Interest Deduction." (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this.)

And, of course, it would be best to check with your accounting professional to determine whether or not the interest is deductible in your particular situation.

The bank or other financial institution will require you to have insurance to protect your RV and their financial interest in it!

If you have any other questions or general inquiries, you can also contact us to get more information.