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Nothing is more important to us than you. Hitch RV thrives on the voices of those who love giving their feedback. Each experience is different for everyone, and we love learning how we can better ourselves to better serve you! Not only do we welcome you to leave a review on our website, Google has the perfect place for you to leave a review for either of our Hitch locations for Delaware or New Jersey, so please tell of your experiences with us!


Summer Road
We all have adventurous RV experiences, share yours with us!


There are three different places you can leave a review for us. You can check out our website, where there is a Customer Reviews and Testimonials page where you can read other reviews and a place to leave a review, or we Hitch RV Customer Feedbackabsolutely love having people review us on Google either at the Milford, Delaware Google page, or the Turnersville, New Jersey page, whichever you’ve had contact with before. Either one of the Google accounts is a great option to hear from you and get your feedback.

If you’re just starting on your journey to having your own experiences with an RV, we offer various options for you, too! Check out the new RVs we carry, from travel trailers to toy haulers to fifth wheels. We also have a diverse number of used RVs as well, so make sure to fill out your information so we can contact you.

Again, we cannot stress how much your voice means to our company. Each review that you write either at the Milford Google location, or the Turnersville Google location is valuable to our staff so we can provide the best services that fit your needs.

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