Winterizing Your RV

Question_mark_(black_on_white)How do you winterize your RV? For many people winterization is a one step process. You simply drop your RV off at your local RV service provider and have them take care of it. Now, here at Hitch RV we are happy to do that for you, but what if we told you you could stop by our dealership, pick up some supplies and winterize your RV at your convenience? Yep, in just a few easy steps you can get your RV winter ready. Even though the temperatures have been cold for a while, winter seems to only just be making an appearance, which means you need to get your RV winterized now.

Winterization helps protect your RV’s pipes, appliances and holding tanks from getting ruined during the winter. Emptying these items of water prevents them from expanding and contracting during the freezing and thawing process of winter.

Prior to winterizing your RV, you’ll want to clean the exterior. Inspect it for any damage, dents and scrapes that could either allow pests inside or rust throughout the winter. After inspecting the exterior give it a good cleaning so that you remove any grime and dirt that could corrode the exterior throughout the winter.

Now, once the exterior of your RV is taken care of head on inside and remove everything. You don’t want to leave any food pests might seek out and blankets they could nest in. Vacuum and dust so that come the summer your RV is fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

The next part is a little more cumbersome. It involves more technical skills and having the tools and equipment necessary to drain, disinfect and flush your lines and pipes. Check out our in-depth post on how to winterize your RV and stop by our dealership to speak with a Service Advisor with any questions you might have.


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